Hi there! I am

YOUR mindset and manifestation expert and founder of the growing international brand Mind Your Hero.


It all began with a burning desire to get the renowned HERO Journal into as many people’s hands as possible. I recognized the growing need for mental health support and so created a fun and easy to use self-mastery journal, that has seen thousands of people rewire their mindsets to achieve success that they never knew was possible.


Mind Your Hero, since its inception in 2018 has snowballed into a personal development brand that empowers transformation in the lives of individuals worldwide. I have become, a 3 /5 emotional Generator and have the ability to blend powerful and intricate concepts together to bring you simple and easy-to-understand teachings in the form of my podcast, social media platforms and digital courses. 


"She needed a superhero so that's what she became."


The Journey of 

Growing up I have always had a burning desire to be an entrepreneur. I remember my first business ‘ventures’ and ideas arriving as early as the age of 5. There was teddy bear making, dream catcher selling, jewelry crafting and an array of other things. Both my parents were entrepreneurs and great role models in how they sculpted my thinking around creating success for myself.

I only found my calling at the age of 28, after spending almost a decade working as a professional Interior Architect. Most people think that the transition between Interior Architecture and Mindset coaching is so vastly different, however, when you think about it, it’s in truth very similar. Instead of designing spaces to give people a certain internal experience, I am now empowering people to design their internal worlds so that they can have a different view of how they see the external world.


“As above, so below”. 


The journey of Mind Your Hero began as an idea that came to me while running across South Africa in the format of 8 half marathons in a row in an effort to raise funds for charity. Being that I was not a natural born runner, it took dedication, commitment and a strong mindset to complete the relay event. During the build up to the event I came across a quote that read:

“She needed a superhero so that’s what she became”. 


I became obsessed with the concept of a hero residing within us all. Having been through my own psychology journey, I had discovered the profound impacts of what working on yourself could empower one to do. I had gone from a girl who had a heap of ambition but no sense as to what to do with it, someone who played the victim, and who constantly sought external validation. I went from being the girl who was single, broke, living with mom and was getting ‘left behind’ with my vision and dreams for the future. I have evolved into a woman who has successfully manifested marrying the man of my dreams, a 6 figure company, the opportunity to immigrate to Dublin and this is just the beginning! 


Mind Your Hero started out as a seed planted somewhere on the road between Johannesburg and Cape Town. Upon my return from that journey, I went to work on understanding the process of what would need to happen to execute a journal. 


4 months after it’s inception, the ‘Find Your Inner Hero’ journal was launched in December 2018. Not long after that I signed up with a coach based in California and through working with him, I was opened up to a whole new world. The digital business world and in an instant I was hooked. I was blown away at what people were accomplishing in the online space and my coach kept shattering my subconscious ceilings to show me what was possible for myself and Mind Your Hero.


Since starting personal development work I have invested in multiple coaches, programs, courses and more certifications. I have invested close to $50 000 in my being and I intend to share this information in as much detail as I can through Mind Your Hero’s courses and programs. 


I will never stop investing in myself. Coaching has always worked out to be a catalyst to my success and I am eternally grateful to have had the mentors (and the lessons) I have had to get to where I am today.



“Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary.”

Gerard Way


Looking back I am so proud of how far MYH has come, and I know that this is only the beginning! I have a big vision (it’s even written in my HD Chart) of where I want to take Mind Your Hero and we are just getting started!

Mind Your Hero aims to empower as many people as we can across the globe. We believe that every time one person raises their consciousness, it creates a positive ripple effect. 




We want to change the world and we are crazy enough to believe that we can!