I'm Kylie

I am a mindset coach from South Africa!

Mind Your Hero was founded with one goal in mind, to empower others to become the HERO of their life!


Stephanie Jardine

Kelby Grady

"I have not yet worked directly with Kylie, but through her online presence alone, she has changed my life. She has inspired me to take ownership of my life, and to be open to opportunity and have a growth mindset. I have begun to be more mindful of my thought patterns, and to change these when I find them becoming negative. She has taught me how to challenge my self-doubt, and to believe in myself. Kylie is an inspiration and has an impact greater than she knows. "

Becoming your own HERO, to many that simply means becoming your own superhero BUT to me it's so much more. I only truly got to understand that through Mind Your Hero. Listening to the podcast enabled me to understand that we are what we feed our minds. Our minds are our strongest tool. Mind Your Hero gives us the tools and techniques, we just have to be prepared to utilise them. I am so excited for each Thursday as I know a new podcast = new opportunities to become your own hero! Thank you Kylie for using this platform to make ourselves better

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